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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 17, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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meteorologist, rob mayeda is here with us this morning. >> pretty, pretty cold. let me share some of the temperatures. san francisco, warm spot, right near the water. 39, san jose, 29, gilroy, 32, fairfield. 32 around santa rosa this morning. a little bit of a northeast breeze into fairfield pushing a little bit of fog into concord. we will be watching that. that will be part of the forecast between now and 8:00, patchy fog and a little frost inland val i wills. 50s to mid-60s possibly south of san jose. santa rosa warming up nicely. fairfield, concord. we will let you know if we are expecting more dry weather and chilly mornings ahead for the rest of the weekend. lots of folks have travel plans and decorating plans. thank you very much. three drugs instead of just one. that's the main reason california's use of lethal objections are on hold. the judge threw out the state
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death penalty procedures saying the state did not consider all options. "today in the bay" has who are. >> reporter: a new death clahamr can't be used. >> reporter: sarah eisenburg of the highs ner law firm filed a case on behalf of a prisoner. they claim they violated the state's rules. >> when an agency is enacting regulations and a state enacting regulations as important as these, as to how people are going to be executed, they need to follow certain rules to make sure the public has an opportunity to comment, to participate. >> a marin county judge agrees saying if an agency adopts regulations without complying with apa requirements it is deemed an underground regulation
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and is invalid. attorneys say the cdcr made important decisions about how to carry out executions with no explanation. >> why they rejected a single drug protocol and chose to retain a three-drug protocol. the department of corrections never did that. they have never explained to the public their actual reasons. >> reporter: they have also successfully argued that death row inmates were left out of the process. many people attempted to submit comments and get copes ies of te regulations and they weren't able to comment. >> reporter: prison officials can appeal the ruling or rea dopt looeting objections with public involvement. >> reporter: the california department of rehabilitation says it has yet to read the rulings. reporting at san quentin, jean ellely, nbc bay at the bay. the cannon ball the
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mythbusters crew send through a dublin neighborhood is the reason for a community meeting. you might remember hearing about that. amazingly, no one was hurt as that cannon ball tore through two homes and a mini-van. the discovery channel show, mythbusters, was shooting an episode at the alameda county bomb range nearby. it miss fired and sent the cannon ball through several safety barricades and ended up in a neighborhood. some residents, clearly, not too happy about that. the community meeting starts at 11:00 this morning at the county office of emergency services in dublin. new developments in the animal cruelty service. a teenage boy now under arrest in connection with the killing of more than two dozen birds in concord park. an estimated 24 geese and ducks were shot and killed over the past couple months at newel park and they arrested the 17-year-old boy yesterday. he is waking up at the contra
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county juvenile hall. we now know the names of two men involved in a deadly shootout on inman way in the allen rock neighborhood of east san jose. they spotted 24-year-old man well fuentes drinking a beer and walking down the street. when they confronted him, he ran inside the home of another man valente galinod. he pointed a gun at them when they entered the home. that's when one of the officers fired his weapon killing the 47-year-old man. this is the eighth time this year that san jose police have shot at a suspect, four of the shootings deadly. >> house arrests but just not right away. a federal judge put barry bonds sentence on hold pending his appeal. the judge sentenced bond to 30 days house arrest for the obstruction of justice conviction. he was also ordered two years probation, 250 hours of community service and also ordered to pay a $4,000 fine. during yesterday's sentencing, judge susan ilston pointed out
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she can consider his considerable charity work in making her decision. assistant u.s. attorney, matthew parella calls the sentence a slap on the wrist and the fine almost laughable. whether it comes to drunk driving, the last two weeks of december are among the deadliest times of year. that is the reason police departments all around the bay area are holding a holiday dui crackdown. "today in the bay" monty francis has more on why police say they make a difference. >> reporter: it was here in san mateo county where two different men were convicted of 9 duis in 2008. that's what prompted state assemblyman, jerry hill, to draft legislation revoking a driver's license for ten years if that driver is convicted of three dui offenses. >> i am not saying that the court is lenient. the law has been lenient in the past. right now, the same people would lose their license for two or three years at the most. >> the bill was signed into law. hill says when it takes effect
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in a couple of weeks, more than 10,000 repeat dui offenders could be forced off the road in the coming year. police say something else is already working in the fight against drunk driving. it is called the avoid the 23 campaign backed by a one-year federal grant of $200,000 to pay for overtime, 23 law enforcement agencies are out on the streets actively looking for drunk drivers. >> we are specifically looking for them, not on general patrol looking for anything, a telltale signs of a weaving car, no headlights on, whatever it might be. that's why we are there. >> reporter: national figures showed that last year, dui deaths dropped to the lowest lever ever recorded in california at 791 down from 950 in 2009, it was the biggest yearly drop in 14 years. police are quick to suggest that the avoid the 23 campaign and similar crackdowns now underway in the east bay and santa clara
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county are the reason why. >> anything we can do to keep impaired drivers off the road is great. i say, take one driver off the road. you save one life. >> that was a big decrease in dui deaths. 791 deaths, that is still much too high. this holiday crackdown, it continues this weekend and into the new year. from san mateo, monty frances, "today in the bay." asa soon city teenager that claims she was kidnapped may have to foot the bill because she faked her kidnapping. the 17-year-old was reported by her family as missing after getting a disturbing call and text from her. following that, amber alert, she was found safe in a home. the cost for trying to find her, though, $30,000. the solano county district attorney is deciding whether to file charges. the superintendent of the cupertino school district is
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stepping down after six years on the job. he says that he and the board of education are working to find his successor. he said he is proud of his 38 years in education starting as a mat teacher and tennis coach and ending as the superintendent of the district. he credits the community for making education the highest priority and gives parents and other local leaders credit for his continued success. when we asked him why he is stepping down, quan told us, quote, i'm old. >> if you still have some shopping left to do before christmas, you will not be alone at the the mall. why so many shoppers will be out and about today. on the outside, he looks like any other 4-year-old. this little boy is fighting for his life. howou canif help him beat a deadly disease. we will show you how coming up. h
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so far, shopping numbers are good. while purchases are up, so are returns. sue herera has a look at that and what else to watch for in business news. renewed concerns about europe's debt crisis along with the threat of credit downgrades sent the markets lower. strong economic news here like a 3.5 year low for initial jobless claims and inflation staying flat last month brought investors back into stocks. the federal reserve offered no additional stimulus measures to boost the economy at the final meeting of the year. that's because the pace of hiring is up. inflation is in check and people are spending more and the economy is growing. with recent cuts to the military and social services, the u.s. budget service is on track to fall below $1 trillion. the first time in four years that has happened. uncle sam is expected to be $973 billion in the ared this fiscal year. the national transportation safety board is calming to are a nationwise ban on all cell phone calls, e-mails and texting while
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driving. more than 3,000 americas were killed last year by distracted drivers. a lot of retailers reported a big increase in returns. they are now bringing those items back because they need the money. i'm sue herera. get all your business news on cnbc. holiday par began shoppers start your engines. today is super saturday and the last full weekend before christmas. retailers are trying to lure procrass continpr procrass stin nating deals. don't expect this to be the last of the deals. >> i believe the savvy retailers will come out with something the middle of the week before christmas to get the last-minute shopper through their doors versus their competitors. >> you don't have to brave the crowds if you still need last-minute shopping. online retailers like amazon are
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extending free shipping through monday. a little holiday gift today as well. free parking. the city is offering 30 minutes to two hours for free parking. they hope it will bring more shoppers into town. free all day today as well as next saturday, which is christmas eve. still ahead on "today in the bay," somehow he has this way of winning people over in such a pure -- in the purest sense. >> a bay area family hoping for a miracle as their son fights a rare blood disease. we will show you how you can help coming up. >> a live view from the embarcadero from the camera journalist. freezing in a few spots around the bay area. chilly around the bay as well. st will let you know what the f eere w furndaskeecort has on the way. ec
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it is now 7:sa. you know you have seen that rocket ship, the official name, the reagan rocket gothic ship. it is sticking around a little longer at least for another year. crews will be out there making it shine and making it perfect. it will be a good day for working outside if they have mittens and those fingerless gloves. san francisco, not too bad. 45 degrees. look at the numbers around the santa clara valley. 28 this morning. 34, livermore. the numbers, 31, santa rosa. mild in napa. we have winds picking up. 30, fairfield with some patchy fog. notice the wind direction east at 13. that's what we sometimes call the fog machine that blows in from the central valley into the delta. fairfield and napa, cooler weather than yesterday.
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we have patchy fog into solano county. the abilities this morning and with a little less wind, we are going to see air quality moderate throughout the bay area. we will keep an eye on this. due to the fact that high pressure is building in. we will see more wind through the next few days. patchy frost and fog for inland. cooler around the delta and the east bay valleys with the east wind going today. we will continue to watch the patchy fog. you may see a little bit of snow north of los angeles. notice the lack of clouds off to the west. we have high pressure locked in with a little bit of an offshore breeze which is pumping in the cooler air into napa and concord. the long-term trend, dry december. case in point, futurecast taking you through the weekend all the way through next saturday.
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look at that around the bay area. we need some rain. this pattern, not tossing any of that our way. not quite as warm as yesterday but not all that bad for your outdoor plans. 62, san jose. mid-60s closer to los gatos and santa rosa. inland, running cooler into solano county and parts of napa today. your seven-day forecast, we will have patchy frost and fog. that will be your weekend pattern. maybe trending a little bit cooler. we will we will be watching that for monday. very likely to kick off the christmas holiday for next weekend. maybe, beyond that, we will see a pattern change. this has been a very dry december so far. >> very dry. nothing says winter like 61 and 58 for the high. >> thanks, rob. a 4-year-old san mateo boy
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is in the battle for his life for what could be his only hope of a bone marrow transplant. the only hope could be a matching donor. we have this story. >> reporter: kyle crawford can't get enough of angry birds. his mom says everywhere he goes, the san mateo 4-year-old makes friends. >> anyone who has known him, somehow he has this way of winning people over in such a pure, in the purer sense, as a child. it is so endearing to be with somebody without any ulterior motives. >> reporter: watching the exuberant preschooler, it is hard to believe he is fighting with his life. he was just diagnosed with aplastic anemia. it is very serious, a severe blood disorder. it is very rare, very rare. >> reporter: kyle needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. surviving a match is more
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challenging because of his ethnicity. he is half chinese and half caucasian. >> we know for a multiracial individual, it is a challenge. we are moving forward as aggressively as we can. we are just desperate. >> reporter: kyle's parents are hoping people will take a few minutes to become a simple cheek swab and become part of the registry. his immune system is so compromised the common cold could be deadly. they hope this christmas, they will receive the gift of life for the boy who has given them so much. >> lots of life, lots of spirit. someone that really is just so loving. >> there is a bone marrow drive for kyle on january 7th at sar indipity preschool he attends. you may be a match for another
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patient in need. >> you can find more information. stanford is ditching the plans for a science and engineering campus. they were in negotiate the to build the new graduate school proposed by michael bloomberg. they were selected as a finalist before dropping the bid. "the new york times" reports that cornell university is considered the main contender for the project. we are still waiting to find the reason stanford dropped out of that competition. after ten years of marriage, nba star, kobe bryant, and his wife, are calling it quits. in papers filed frayed, vanessa bryant cited ir reconcilable differences. they are reporting that bryant may have been caught cheating. this is his wife sticking by his side as a colorado woman accused him of sexual assault. bryant denied the charges but admitted to the adultery.
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the couple plan toss share custody of their two children. a san francisco bell ringer ames for a win willing record this morning. how he is holding up after 46 straight hours of bell ringing and he is still at it. next, plus, some lucky elementary school kids get a .hoprise froerbieb ie hs he ihelping their school coming up. p? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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a san francisco bell ringer for the salvation army is shooting for the 48-hour mark, 48 hours of nonstop bell ringing. we just checked in on butch soriano. he is still going strong. he is 1 of 24 salvation army workers around the country who is going for the world record in nonstop bell ringing. he already passed the old record of 36 hours and now has to outlast the competition. he says his legs feeling a little bit stiff. he says he is doing okay. he also says he can still with
7:25 am
it through 59 hours, 8:00 tonight. ath after that, he has a family obligation. he will have to stop then. we will check with him later. soriano's competition, daryl turske of springfield, illinois, a first-time bell ringer vying for the world record. he says he is happy to be doing it for such a great cause. when asked how he is holding up, he says, it is taking a toll on his hands? the bell is between my fingers, getting a bit of a callous. i have enough i can still keep changing it over. >> no fair. he is inside, soriano is outside. we are partial to our local guy. good luck to everybody. even santa needs a little help here and there. one of his elves is a texas post master. this is part of the operation santa program in austin, texas,
7:26 am
saulsito reads and sorts letters and matches those truly in need. the christmas wishes reflect the tough economic times. >> children, instead of asking for toys are asking for clothing, for shoes, for some of them want just a pair of pants or they want something for their mom or something for their dad. >> the letters to santa program has been around since 1912. because of major cuts looming, only one post office in austin still carries on that tradition. teen heartthrob, justin bieber, is doing some good this holiday season. he made a surprised appearance at a las vegas elementary school where his reception was, of course, typical. >> that was the scene outside whitney elementary school in las vegas. two months ago on the ellen degeneres show, he promised to bring some christmas cheer to the students. whitney elementary has one of the highest homeless student populations in that school district.
7:27 am
he gave the students a preconcert a preconcert -- free concert and donated $100,000. if you like football, we have a nail biter. a bay area team took on a southern california powerhouse. the highlights and fan reaction still ahead. occupy access is gone from not gone for good.t there we will show you what their new goal is coming up. ♪ making your way in the world today ♪
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♪ takes everything you've got ♪ wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪ you want to be where you can see ♪ ♪ our troubles are all the same ♪ ♪ you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪
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good morning. looking luf at the sun rise. bay bridge in the distance. it is very cold. walter, not too choppy. it is very still as well. thanks so much for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist, rob mayeda. it is very cold. the map is all blue. >> when it turns blue and
7:30 am
purple, it is so painful to walk outside. josh kepple showing you pretty nice. on the east side of the bay, 37, oakland, 37, san jose. fairfield, 30. 28, gilroy. 34 degrees around livermore. 31, santa rosa. we have a little bit of an east wind blowing into napa and fairfield. down to a half mile in concord. we will have to watch some patchy fog certainly through 8:00, maybe even towards lunchtime in solano county. it is going to keep temperatures down for this afternoon for napa, fairfield and concord, not the mid to upper 60s like yesterday. hazy sunshine. we will let you know when the next time is we could see rain showing up in our forecast to give you an idea of how dry this should be. >> it is good for driving. >> we need snow there.
7:31 am
today marks three months since the "occupy wall street" movement started. occupy access is going mobile in what they are calling occupop. they haven't been able to camp since police tore down their camp two weeks ago. they are calling this pop-up. they are doing pop-up camps in random locations around the city. r protesters are organizing a march in support of bradley manning, the army private accused of leaking documents. it marks the one-year anniversary of the arab spring. a 20-year-old tunisia man set himself on fire and his death unleashed a wave of anger about poverty, unploim and repression by spread across tunisia. his president fled the country. the movement inspired a revolution in egypt, a civil war in libya and uprising across the
7:32 am
arab world. house arrest but just not yet. a federal judge suspended barry bonds sentence while his laura peels. the judge sentence, 30 days house arrest for his obstruction of justice conviction. he was also given two years of probation and 250 years of community service. during yesterday's accept tensing, the judge pointed out how she considered his considerable involving with charity before making her decision. matthew parella, assistant city attorney, calls it a slap on the wrist and the fine, almost laughable. berkeley was forced to fire 200 workers after the department of homeland security audited their employment records. they have been using skilled immigrant workers for 20 years or more. in the last six weeks, many of them have lost their jobs after the government noticed irregularities in paperwork. the company said it had no choice but to let the people go.
7:33 am
in southern california, police are still trying to pinpoint the motive in a deadly shooting inside an office building. police received reports of gunfire friday afternoon in irwindale. the shooting happened inside a building that houses offices for southern california edison. it is a utility down there. the gunman shot and killed two people before turning the gun on himself. we know now that the gunman is believed to be an employee of that company. the two victims were management. no word yet on what led to that shooting. it came down to the last few seconds in the battle for the state bragging rights. san jose's bellerman college prep against santa margarita for the state championship. "today in the bay's" george kiriyama watched that game with a group of bellerman grads as they huddled together to cheer on their alma matter. >> reporter: to play in prime time on tv in the state final is special. bellerman was in the championship game gunning for the school's first state title
7:34 am
playing southern california football powerhouse, santa margarita. >> it is huge. you hardly ever get to the state. so it is incredibly huge. >> reporter: watching an intense game, you feel all the emotions. sometimes you don't like the play. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: when it goes your way -- >> whoo slam! >> reporter: what does that feel like? >> it feels good. it feels good. >> reporter: kevin dancer knows how emotional a game like this can be. he played for the bells a few years and now he blocks for andrew luck on the offensive line on stanford. >> it has to feel like none other. you have competing for your school. if you win it, you have a greater sense of glory. it is awesome. >> reporter: the bells got a taste in '09 when they lost oceanside. two years later, they are back and want to twin all. >> it has to be awesome
7:35 am
especially for a team or school like bellman. you always wanted to compete at your best and show that you love the guys at bellerman. >> reporter: george kiriyama. "today in the bay." >> they did not win. they lost 42-37. great job. california's cash-strapped public schools are getting a boost from the federal government. the state was awarded more than $52 million in grant to improve early childhood education. california beat out 26 other states to get its share of $500 million in early learning challenge grants. other states are getting federal money. the grant will help 1.8 million children in the state of california. the majority of whom are english language learners. new developments on the job front in the golden state. california's unemployment rate fell in november to the lowest point since may of 2009. the state's jobless rate is now 11.3%. despite the improvement, it is still higher than the national
7:36 am
average. california added about 6600 new jobs last month. ruffle, 18,000 new jobs were added in trade, transportation and utilities. that was offset by 29,000 jobs lost in construction and business services. overall, this represents a second straight month of overall job growth. when times are tough, a lot of families check off fewer items from the holiday shopping list. the last couple of years have not been easy for santa claus hearing from children whose parents are going through tough times. today we spoke with jolly old st. nick about some of the things the kids are asking for. >> reporter: santa claus is still inside taking orders. these days, he has to listen, even when some of the things he hears from kids these days are hard to swallow. >> reporter: this is why he puts on the red shoot. a child's smile goes a long way
7:37 am
with old st. nick. >> i enjoy it. i look forward to it. >> reporter: his list grows by the minute. >> what would you like for me to get you for christmas? >> reporter: the answers often vary. >> snow white. >> a snow white toy? >> reporter: santa says electronics are big this drear but some wishes are stumping mr. kringle. >> everybody to be healthy. from a man who just lost his mother to breast cancer and the children often share the family hardships. >> kids are more cognizant of what's going on in the house and the troubles their parents are having. i don't have to tell you how many people have lost their houses. they are living in cars. they are living in homeless shelters. >> you hear all of that. >> i hear all of that.
7:38 am
>> he remembers one little girl in particular. >> a child saying she wished she could spend more time with her dad. >> wrenching stories, even for santa claus. >> oh, it is very difficult. you sometimes have to just feel yourself. >> want to visit with santa and take photos with him? >> he will sit on his chair for nine more days. he will listen and smile. on christmas day, st. nick will reach in his bag hoping everyone gets their wish. >> damian tohio, today in the way. there are lots of opportunities where you can help if you want to. find out where coming up. also, one year after the start of the arab spring movement violence erupts again in egypt. what protesters are demandingng.
7:39 am
morniis. soap a sony hopes a new gaming device will boost holiday sales. we will show you why the new vida is creating a buzz.
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good morning to you. looking live at that rocket we like to look at when we are along the embarcadero. it is going to stick around for another year. supposed to be a temporary art exhibit but the city likes it. violence between protesters continues in central cairo. they threw rock at police and set up roadblocks. the violence began yesterday when they stormed a camp. they were at that camp demanding an end to military rule and the immediate transfer of power to a civilian government. activists said at least 7 protesters were killed yesterday with dozens more injured. a russian fishing vessel stranded in antarctica has been stabilized after they moved
7:42 am
cargo and pumped out water. you are looking at pictures taken by a u.s. plane. they discovered a one-foot hole in the hull probably caused by hitting the ice. the vessel began to take on water and most of the 32-person crew jumped on to life boats. a skeleton crew remained on board and they are still trying to plug that hole. rescue ships are still days away. a big day for video game fans. sony's new playstation, vidta, went on sale this morning. because of the crowd and the chilly weather, the store opened a little bit early today. our own business and tech reporter, scott mcgrew, showed us the vita yesterday morning. it is ha a touchscreen and better graphics. it can also use cell phone and wi-fi networks.
7:43 am
unfortunately for u.s. gaming fans, the vita won't be available in the states until february. much more ahead on "today in the bay," still to come. people are spending more on christmas gifts this year. where are they getting the money? we'll have some tips to make sure you don't go too far into debt coming up. a view of the golden gate bridge, fogfree at least around the golden gate. chilly temperatures. i ll let you no he what you can expect for the rest of your saturday forecast when we come right back. o
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welcome back, 7:45. the sun is slowly coming up and slowly warming us up around the bay area after another chilly morning. 45, san francisco. 29, gilroy. 37, san jose. look at the inland valleys, fairfield, 30 degrees.
7:46 am
34, livermore. 31, santa rosa. warmer in napa. low clouds through solano and napa county and contra costa county. some of our weather headlines, we are watching that frost and fog. for the afternoon, a bit cooler into napa and certainly the delta. more 50s and 60s today. watching more fog. heading on in to tomorrow morning. we are taking a look the rainfall totals this morning. december is a pretty wet month for the bay area. so far, passing the mid-way point of december, take a look at where we are. this is a reason your meteorologists are worried about a rainfall deficit for december. we are way behind and still have two weeks to go to get to the totals. with the pattern in place, it doesn't look like we are going to see much of anything in rain here. scattered showers will continue around los angeles but for us,
7:47 am
the only moisture we are going to see is some of this fog after this. the rain pattern looking for rain or snow, blocking ridge off to the west. keeping us in the dry pattern. no chances of any rain. maybe a few showers in the north coast late next week. that's about it. that ridge of high pressure not going anywhere for quite some time in our extended forecast. in the meantime, enjoy a pretty nice afternoon with temperatures into the 50s. mostly sunny skies. notice, napa, concord and fairfield, we should see quite cooler temperatures than yesterday without the north winds. we will see the numbers in the 50s. seven-day forecast. you will see we are having morning fog and frost again tomorrow morning. sunny afternoon. pretty nice for your weekend plans. we could use rain and snow. just not seeing it as that monster ridge of high pressure off to our west. you see the rainfall deficit for
7:48 am
december. hopefully, things will start to change once we get past next week. >> the glass half full makes it easier for people who are traveling or having family to visit. >> there is a chance we could see a pattern shift after looks like next weekend. for now, very dry this weekend. >> thank you very much, rob. one day before a party for south bay kids, the toy box is a bit shore. the santa clara valley labor center wanted to give 9,000 children presents at their holiday party tomorrow afternoon. as of this morning, they still need thousands more toys. they will be collecting donations at their center on almaden road near kurt ner all day today starting at 9:00. plenty of christmas bay cheer in the raider nations. they will be collecting toys for kids in need. that party starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight at the corner of 66th avenue across from the coliseum,
7:49 am
across from the north entrance gate of coliseum. be careful on the roadways coming home from the holiday parties. police are ramping up patrols. what they are looking for. coming up next. first, here is mike inknow eknow which. do you cringe when you hear someone pop up, let's go caroling. keep this option in the back pocket. boom box christmas, composed by artist, phil klein. this piece is designed specifically to be heard outdoors in december. it takes the form of a street prom not in which each participant becomes an actual part of the performance. don't worry. you only have to be able to play a boom box or the like. go to to download your part and meet up
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with the others. delores park and 18th. head to pleasanton and bring a toy. the bay bombers will be mixing it up at the alameda county fairgrounds tonight. they will battle it out on the track with the arsz all-stars. they assure us, this is fun for the whole family. if you bring a new unwrapped toir toy, they will give you a free kids admission. i am so totally tempted. if you are not tempted, maybe instead of the crush rk,you can head over to sinole. it sounds like i might be talking about wine, i am not. hillcrest ranch produces some outstanding olive oil, local, sustainable, family own and there are over 130 years old. a free open house. self--guiding tour and demonstrations for all today. you can buy lunch there or bring your own picnic basketyo smarte
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and we'll donate two-hundred and fifty dollars to your choice of five charities. now through january 3rd.
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looking live at san jose this morning, that little bug keeping us company. we will have to get him off of there. nice, blue sky. very chilly. if you are out to get exercise, make sure you wear your mittens or wait until later when it is going to be a little bit warmer. even before the holiday shopping season geared up, experts reported that americans were doing more borrowing. know before you borrow too much. your mortgage payment should not be more than 28% of your take-home pay. when you graduate college, your student loans should be no more than your first year's salary. car payments should not exceed 8% of your monthly income less if you have student loans or credit card debt. the number of drunk driving debts is the lowest it has ever
7:54 am
been. law enforcement in california says that is not a reason to let up on holiday dui crackdowns. dozens of law enforcement agencies are taking part across the state. on the peninsula, it is called the avoid the 23 campaign. backed by a one-year federal grant of $200,000. 23 law enforcement agencies are out on the street actively looking for drunk drivers. >> we are looking for them. we are looking for an impaired driver, the telltale science of a weaving car, no headlines on, whatever it my be. that's why we are there. >> national figures show the last year dui deaths dropped to the lowest level ever in california. police are quick to suggest that the avoid the 23 campaign and similar crackdowns now underway are part of the reason why. up next on "today in the bay," a candy-lovers paradise. we will show you thehe tmear pk at the world chocolate. stick around.
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if you don't have any shopping to do, hit the movie theater. mission impossible goes protocol featuring tom cruise and jemy renner. this is the fourth installment in the series. cruz's character and his team are raising against time to stop a mad man from causing nuclear war. this one is rated pg-13. robert downie jr. is back at sherlock holmes in a game of shadows. jude law returns as his sidekick. it is about two criminal masterminds that go through a cruel rampage through london. this rated pg-13. the one we will probably see in our house. alvin and the chipmunks return to the box office in chip-wrecked. they are treated to a cruz by mr. human handler. they are stranded on the deserted island and discover
7:58 am
their wild side. it is rated pg. shanghai's chocolate wonderland had their grand opening. it is a theme park made of chocolate, terra-cotta warriors, baskets and bowls all recast in pure chocolaty goodness. they are bringing in the best of the even and western cultures. i am guessing our part is the chocolate. >> good air-conditioning there. a sea of chocolate. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we will have more local news the 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. check it out. new graphics. >> very istore and iphone friendly. a lot of cool apps there. have a great morning! we will see you back here tomorrow.
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